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Adam’s last week running Tackles

I don’t have any good wedding photos (well, might do on the two miniDV tapes, but… you know) so nothing to share there. Mark and I are appreciating Adam even more now he’s gone gallivanting off on a honeymoon a few thousand kilometres from Paddington School. He’ll be back on and off throughout the year, which is definitely a good thing. The photos above are from his farewell inside the church, during which Warwick got myself and Mark up and tried to interview us without our prior knowledge (or, more accurately, being expressly told we wouldn’t be…) and accordingly managed to make complete asses of ourselves. It was one of those situations where you’re balancing between answering seriously and giving fluff responses because you don’t want to get too drawn into things (on account of this not being intended as an interview in the first place)… I ended up alluding to something we’re running in about September, and then neither of us could even remember when it was… a fantastic first impression. :/

All that aside, God was pretty good to us the first week we were on our own, despite a school fête being held simultaneously in the rooms we normally meet in! We’ve got a social coming up this Friday and the last week of term is on Sunday (but I’m bailing on account of not being able to do maths and consequently having said yes to a study camp that begins a little too early).

And yes, the sword did get passed on.