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Hitachi True Stories

Hitachi US have produced a number of particularly spectacular “true stories” regarding their deployment of various technologies across the US. When I say spectacular, I’m not really referring to the plot of these stories, but just the production quality. It’s very well done. I think the target medium is exclusively the web, though I’m not certain — 5 minute packages are too long for TV by far, and marginally too long for cinema advertising. It’s quite good fun, though it’s difficult to identify a particular target. I clicked an ad to get there which was something to do with installing FTTN in some obscure US town (procrastinating), but… really… that was mostly because I didn’t know Hitachi were a service provider (turns out, I think, they’re not… but the ad seemed that way)

What I want to know is, why do infrastructure companies need lots of positive PR? Sure, they make CE products, too, but that’s absolutely nothing to do with this technology. We have a social conscience, buy our CE gear?