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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Server shenanigans

So Ubuntu is utterly refusing to install and I’m scared to use Gentoo, which was vaguely the next resort. And I’ve had enough of CentOS’ absurd package management system (really, RPM does make things impossibly difficult compared to apt-based systems). I’m going to try installing FreeBSD tomorrow and compiling bits and pieces, because that’s how metro stayed online all those years and whilst I don’t have Dale’s skill, I don’t doubt that the methodology was sound. Plus, FreeBSD is one more environment to test this project on — a dedicated server we were vaguely offered a few months back is running NetBSD, so it’d be good to begin scratching together a handful of skills in that area, just in case!

On the plus side, I got all system configuration stuff (esp. Samba, which can be a lot more difficult than perhaps it should be at times) worked out last week (i.e. the system was nearly perfect, but for being utterly unable to install even SRPM packages of a more recent Python version), and Michael went through installing everything with me at work… we had to battle Windows a little there, but even it relented. So close. Then I’ll spend heaps of time cutting layouts to markup and seeing them working, and non-Youthworks time taking Satchmo for a spin (which will hopefully lend itself to a certain application very nicely). The lovely thing about all this is I need Django to work for CYIADA, so I’m supported in getting it up and running, but then have enough ‘spare’ hours in the week that I can engage in freelance projects that ultimately mean I know what’s going on with CYIADA and am mildly more competent to make minor modifications as required accordingly.

Some of those projects might even feed back into the project, which would be a bonus — but even if they come to nothing, it’s worthwhile for skills development alone.