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Windows Live Search problems – max index size?

I don’t like deleting emails and, accordingly, don’t. Windows Live Search may not agree with me. This is alternately because Office/Outlook 2007 sucks, or it does. I’m presently rebuilding its index of my email because it somehow manages to continue blissfully unaware of thousands of messages in email folders. This is what happens when your email program mandates dependence on an external search product. Generally speaking, I’m not too desparate when it comes to looking for other files on my system (though, I’ve got to confess at this point, I am increasingly so after adopting WLS) — email search is the critical feature for me.

I am at the point where if this continues to prove ineffective I will be abandoning either WLS, Outlook, or both.

But for now I’m waiting for a rebuild and using Kerio’s excellent webmail product to conduct searches near-instantaneously and vastly more comprehensively than Microsoft’s obviously deficient search does.