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Subclipse Proxy problems

Finally, Subversion’s PROPFIND is enabled on the proxy server at one place I work, but for some reason Subclipse was still being a little bit special.

Turns out it doesn’t use Eclipse’s HTTP Proxy settings, but needs setting elsewhere.

On Windows XP, this will be in your Application Data path under Subversion. Mine is as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\joshs\Application Data\Subversion

I haven’t got a Vista machine to test on, but it will still be the Application Data\Subversion folder within the user’s path. (I will confirm this next time I’m on a Vista box.)

Linux users, look in ~/.subversion/

Open the file “servers” (no extension) and scroll to the bottom section, [Global].

Un-comment and edit the http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port settings (and user/password if required, it wasn’t for me) as appropriate and everything will start working. You don’t even need to reload Eclipse.

Productivity just soared!