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Accessing the Dell 2707WFP LCD monitor service menu

Dell 2707WFP service menu

  1. Turn off your monitor, then turn it on by simultaneously pressing the three buttons circled in blue above (Menu, Plus, Power).
  2. To access the service menu, press the button circled in yellow above (minus).

Exit the service menu as you normally would. To return to normal user mode use the soft-power button to turn the monitor off and back on again.

This should also work great with 2404WFP, 2405WFP, 2406WFP, 2407WFP, 2704WFP, 2705WFP, and 2706WFP where those panels exist (maybe not some years). My guess is the 3008WFP will also use the same combination — I don’t know about earlier years as they had fairly different display processing hardware.