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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.



Must play with this HTTP server/load-balancer/mail proxy/bundle of awesome sometime soon. Looks like a pretty awesome option for VPS environments and other places where there isn’t heaps of spare resources going around! My cupboard-bound SSH oasis and occasional webserver is, of course, a likely candidate… but I’m a tad concerned I’ll screw myself over with PHP. Not because it particularly gets used for that (there’s like… a few wikis and a handful of lines of PHP code easily replaced by something else that get semi-regular attention) but mostly for the “just in case” I wanna test run something. And yeah, I know, that’s what virtualised stuff should be for… but I still haven’t quite caught up to that. I’ve got an Ubuntu thing running in a virtual PC instance on the computer I use most of the time, but it just doesn’t cut it for actually trying to test something out with, you know, other users and real Internet connectivity. In other news, can-we-have-IPv6-moar-plx? Just because it’s absurd to have to pay more to run real SSL on dedicated IPs when there is SO MUCH SPACE just waiting for us to broaden our horizons and start to fill it. I’m not heaps fussed if pre-Windows XP users can’t use it, actually, because they’ve likely got bigger security problems on their hands from their network-connected 10-year-old OS than any regular web interaction is likely to give them, properly secured or not — that is, even if their web traffic is secured, their desktop is probably a botnet zombie with keyloggers and trojans abounding.