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Nikon D60 file numbering

This is the one thing that’s totally been annoying me ever since I got this camera. I love it in pretty much every other respect, and, despite enjoying the D80′s top LCD display and extra physical controls (got to use this body for a couple of weeks with work), am still completely convinced it’s the best-value DSLR available today. With the D90 getting official tomorrow, the D80 will probably fall towards the current D60 price point, but still… D60s are the best!

I would’ve been happy with a D40x but there was really no price difference between the two, so whatever.

Anyway: pet peeve that I just solved. File numbering is, by default, non-sequential for every time you empty the SD card! There was no obvious setting to this effect, but that is because, it turns out, settings are hidden by default.

Using the menu, navigate under Setup Menu to “CSM/Setup menu” and select “Full”.

Nikon D60 CSM/Setup menu

This will reveal more options. Scroll down to the next page of options and select “File no. sequence” and “On”. Importantly in this area is the “Reset” function for if you actually do want to reset between shoots.

Normally I’d be pretty happy with the default behavior, but having recently been doing large-ish travel stints that involve shooting photos that I was syncing as I went more for security (if the camera/card got damaged) than out of actual necessity. As regular shoots would be over more quickly it’s less of an issue for day-to-day use, but I’m lots happier now I know the option’s there!