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Note to academics. Just read an article that uses the word “situatedness” without any good reason. Stop inventing words when you don’t need to. Especially if you’re in a scarcely established field that already struggles to justify its existence as a unique discipline. Inventing words doesn’t aid your cause – if anything, your weak attempts at establishing a jargon for yourselves serves only to highlight your tenuous existence outside the parameters of established fields. Praxis is where this all falls apart on you, so stop making up words and go do some real research to back up your mediocre methodologies. When you’re beaten to the punch by both commercial / non-profit utilities in developing not only methodologies but also tools for the same analyses you’re flogging as your own, it’s time to go and fold back into the disciplines from whence you came and stop pretending to be something new.


Well, that feels better. But I still need to write about it :(