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Business Podcasting for the little guy

Today I had an interesting conversation about business podcasting for a B2B focused small business looking to generate leads and perceived expertise in their area. We chatted a little bit about the tools that were needed and observed that, far from being a big burden, podcasting is relatively low effort while giving an authentic connection with people who consider you an expert in your field.

Podcasting fulfills much the same role an email newsletter/mass contact does – yet manages to differentiate itself in the medium to actually get onto people’s desks in a bit of a unique way. Technically podcasting is pretty easy to implement, with WordPress being one obvious tool to make it happen online and most new computers sporting Windows, OS X or Linux coming with free software included (or at least easily available) to produce the content.

So what’s our role? Just lifting the bar, really. From snazzy intro/outro music to standardised call-to-action snippets that get attached or rotated week by week, a little bit of expertise goes a long way to creating a successful, easy to create podcasting experience. This makes it easier for small businesses to stay in it for the long haul, building better brands, leads, and adding value for customers.