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Apply for a DUNS number? Nah.

DUNS numbers (Duns and Bradstreet) are needed for a few things business-related but you run your own business you’ve probably never got around to applying for one.

If you’ve registered a company in Australia, chances are you’ve already got a DUNS number. Surprising, huh?

Search for your business and a DUNS number will be available top left, just above the company name or ABN.

DUNS search

I discovered this while trying to register for Apple’s iOS Enterprise program, which requires a DUNS number as part of the application process. You can sign up for the developer program without one (and it’s cheaper), but to privately manage and distribute apps you need enterprise access.

As we prepare to launch our Equip Mobile program into schools, the ability to roll out software to all users in an organisation is something we need to be across!

Equip iOS Screenshot