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Jekyll, .well-known and other dotfiles

Not that this blog is used for much, but I hit this while trying to add a file under .well-known and realising I couldn’t get the directory to show up.

As this is hosted on Github Pages (and I hadn’t published for ~2 years), I wondered if adding a static file wasn’t enough to trigger a publish. Turns out GH Pages is fine, the issue’s how Jekyll handles (or doesn’t) . prefixed files/dirs.

The solution is to add this to your config.yml:


include: [".well-known"]

Jekyll actually documents this pretty clearly (search “Include” on that page) but I found mention of it on a Keybase issue first.

Given their documentation is focused on .htaccess files (haven’t used those/Apache for a while!) I thought I’d document here to optimize more for the search terms I was using!